1929 Ford Model A 5 Window Pickup $10,500

 29 Ford left front 
1929 Model A Ford "Extended Cab Pickup for only $10,500.00!  (or Best Offer...)  How many "extended cab" Model A Ford pickups have you seen....?
    Shown here are 12v headlights and turn signals.  
    Mechanical brakes are visible too.
    Radiator shell is painted black, just like original 1929 pickups from Ford.
29 Ford right front29 Ford front29 Ford right rear
29 Ford 29 Ford left rear

This truck is an economical "daily driver" for those that love the sound of the Model A engine.  It has the original Model A engine and it runs good, does not "smoke" or use oil.  It has many new parts.  12v taillights/turn signals show here.  Original Model A bed was shortened from the front to fit the fenders. 

29 Ford engine left side29 Ford engine right side
It has the original 4 cyl model A engine.  Starts easy, runs good, does not "smoke"...use oil...or drip oil or antifreeze.
12v Alternator keeps the 12v battery charged.  Leakless water pump does not leak.  Starter is original and just spins faster with 12v power.  Ignition is 6v using the white voltage drop shown in the left photo.

In 2006 I had a lot of improvements made:  

  • 12v electrical system installed for lights, alternator, brake lights and turn signals.
  • Cab body finished off with steel so that it looks like a 5 window pickup. 
  • Straightened up the front fenders. 
  • Shortened the pickup bed and fitted it to the rear fenders and the cab. 
  • Gas tank removed and cleaned by the pros at Renuzit. 
  • New leakless water pump. 
  • New safety glass windows with new guides installed in doors.
  • Rich Cummings of Coldwater, Michigan did the work and I am very happy with it. He is a full time Car Customizer and has built many vehicles.

    1929 Ford clearance between bed and cab
    The clearance between the cab and the bed of the truck is about 1".   Bed lines up with original Coupe fenders.  Sheet metal was bent to finish cab so that it looks like a real 5 window pickup.

Seat was recently reupholstered in black vinyl with 3 inch pleats. Headlight switch and dimmer switch are shown just left of steering wheel.

Fuse panelFuse Panel is located just to left and above steering column in cab.

Since 2006......I have 


    • Painted the body and bed with Black satin Rustoleum paint, using a brush.
    • Painted the wheels with Red glossy Rustoleum paint.    
    • Installed a new point holder in the ignition and it runs much more evenly.
    • Installed a better looking dashplate with a Speedo and ammeter, but...found out that I have no speedo drive cable, just the outer housing.
    • Bought a new settling bowl and installed it.
    • Bought and installed 5 new 21" tires on original type 21" Ford wheels.
    • Detailed engine with most things black, blue head, red dipstick, red oil filler cap, red hood rests, red fan blade tips, red timing plug. 
    • Installed new fuse panel with ATC blade fuses for ignition, lights, turn signals and brake lights. 

 Left rear wheel
In 2009 5 new tires and tubes were installed on 21" wheels, the original wheels for the 1929 Fords. 

If someone wants to buy it now, I think it is worth the $10,500 that I am asking...make a real serious offer if you think it is worth less.  I want to sell it.   

I have owned this pickup since the 1970s.  When I bought it, it was a "coupe with the back cut off and a model A pickup bed shoved in so that it rested agains the back of the seat".  I drove it like that until 2006.  It has always ran good. 

It runs good and I drive it to Marshall and Coldwater regularly.  It does not smoke or drip oil excessively and it does not seem to use any oil.  I think there is a small drip from the rear main but I haven't even noticed a spot in my driveway this Summer...  I would not hesitate to take some "bailing wire, a pair of pliers and a straight screwdriver and drive it to California!  Would eventually make it too...

If you want something to tinker with and work on, there are still things that can be improved.  The rain gutters need to be put back on and I think a vinyl top to hide the rough sheet metal on top would be nice.  Also the upholstery needs to be finished on the doors, kick panels, other parts inside the cab.  Windshield wiper is there but does not work....I don't drive it in the rain.



Buy it for your business and put your company name on the doors...it could be a great attention getter for a Hardware Store or other business!

Interested ....call me 517.206.3206 or email jack@hi-tork.com

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