1975 MG Midget with tilt "Bugeye" front end new top - only $7,500!


This is a 1975 MG Midget that has a fiberglass front end made to look like an earlier "Bugeye" Sprite.  This car has a 1500cc engine, 4 speed mechanical transmission, a rollbar, seat belts, and aluminum 13" wheels with wide treads, extended fenders to cover the tires and a small "wing" mounted on the trunklid.  It runs good.  It has a new top.

For the 1958 model year, the company that made the MG and Austin Healey cars introduced a small inexpensive sports car with a cute "Bugeye" front end.  It was the Austin Healey Sprite.   They produced this car thru the 1961 model year, delivering almost 50,000 of the cute little cars to the USA.  In 1962 they introduced 2 new models off the same basic chassis, the MG Midget and the Austin Healey Sprite but the front end of both was more conventional with the headlights at the front of the fenders. (look at the 1970 MG Midget on this website to see how they looked).   The new cars had trunk lids making it easy to get inside the rear of the car for storage. 

This 1975 MG Midget has the larger engine, rollup windows, a trunk lid plus...it has a Bugeye front end that tilts forward, a roll bar, seat belts and other features.  The body has been customized extensively...it has fender flares, louvers in the hood, BFG 205/50/13 RWL tires on aluminum wheels and a spoiler in the rear all with Red metalflake paint.

The tilt front end is easier to open than the ones that are hinged in the rear like the original Bugeyes.  The engine is easy to get to.  This engine has only one carburator so it is easier to tune than the dual carb engines and it runs great.

The interior is black and it has a 4 speed manual shift transmission.

Someone put a lot of money and care into this car and now you can enjoy it for a fraction of what they spent.  Fun driving plus it doesn't weigh much so should get good fuel economy... depending how you drive it.

In 2010 we had a new top installed, so the windows are all nice and clear.  As you can see in the photos, it also has a tonneau to cover part of the cockpit when the top is down.

If you are interested in this car, call Jack Watson on his cell phone 517.206.3206 or email jack@hi-tork.com.


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