Rentals available in the future

We have nothing vacant.  Check back with us, if you don't see what you need.   With 20 rental units, you never know when someone will move until they tell you.

Here is a general description of what we try to provide in our apartments.... 

"Basic enhanced" is a TV Cable Package
from Broadstripe Cable that we provide for most of renters in Marshall.  This is a $50+ value and it is included in the rent.

I try to keep all of my rentals in "excellent condition" and we provide all of our renters with a list that includes licensed local contractors to take care of problems when they occur.  These contractors are all skilled in their fields so when they fix something, it is done right...not just "patched".  

Appliances - most of our rentals have relatively new appliances and include:
        Flattop electric stoves with self cleaning ovens.
        Big refrigerators with big freezing compartments and glass shelves so that they are easy to keep clean.
        Most bigger apartments and many of our 1 bedroom apartments have Dishwashers, built-in under the kitchen cabinets... very helpful to busy working people.
        Heavy Duty Washers and Dryers.  Having these in the apartment saves the renter about $50 per month for a couple, I am told.

Utilities - I prefer that the renters pay their own, as much as possible, but we have to include them in some cases because of the way the utilities are arranged and...we often agree with the the renter to a higher rental rate that includes the utilities.

Trash removal is provided in all cases because we want the trash out of the apartments and off the property ASAP.  It is now picked up every week by Republic Services.

Lawn Care is provided in most cases because we want our property to look good for our renters and neighbors.  In a few cases we negotiate a lower rent and the renter takes care of the lawn.

Snow Removal is generally the responsibility of the renter.  We tried hiring a snow removal service and renters complained because they did not get there fast enough and it was very costly.


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Tekonsha, Michigan

Phone: (517) 206.3206
email: jack@hi-tork(dot)com

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