217 Highfield, Marshall, MI 49068 ... For Sale $135,000

This 3 bedroom, 2 bath house with attached 2 car garage sits in a quiet residential neighborhood on aproximately 1/2 acre.  The backyard is fenced.  The property is rented and renters rights must be observed.  They have a 1 year lease.  

The property has been updated in 2011:

1. Kimball Electric, licensed electricians, checked all electrical circuits; updated the 220v plugs for the dryer and stove; installed some new light fixtures; installed ground faults in the kitchen, baths, laundry and basement.
2. Kidder Heating updated the furnace which is hot water/baseboard heating system.  Antifreeze and some new valves were installed.  The system was set so that the whole house is controlled from the thermostat on the 1st floor.
3. GLGC Plumbing updated the plumbing and installed a new toilet and some new faucets.
4. Shemel's Carpet of Coldwater installed light color burber carpeting with good pads in the living room, dining room, stairs to the 2nd floor, upstairs hallway, the 3 bedrooms and the stairs to the basement.  They installed new vinyl flooring in the kitchen, downstairs hallway, bath, laundry room and the upstairs bath.
5. All rooms were painted with an off white paint.
6.The swimming pool has been filled with dirt.  It can probably be made into a swimming pool again but one should get an estimate from a reputable pool company i.e. Woods Pools of Battle Creek.
7. The deck on the back of the house has been pressure washed and waterproofed with a colorful stain.
8. In the kitchen we installed new, light-colored countertops.  We also installed: a new flattop electric stove with a self cleaning oven made special to install right into the countertop; a new 25 cubic foot refrigerator with icecube and ice water dispenser in the door...all plumbed and ready for the new owners; a new dishwasher mounted under the counter next to the sink.
9. There is a pantry next to the kitchen and we added 2 base cabinets with matching countertops.  We also had extra lights and wall plugs added so that microwave ovens or other small appliances can be used without taking valuable counterspace in the kitchen.

September 2012 we are currently installing a new roof.

If seriously interested or if you have questions...you can call me at 517.206.3206.

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