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Ford V8 Carburetor, model 94 -- 2 barrel carburetor that was used as standard equipment on many old flathead Ford V8s.  Appears to be complete and butterflies are "free" so it appears to work, but probably needs a good cleaning with new gaskets and seals.  $25.00 plus shipping.

1949-1951 Mercury Intake Manifold, complete with carburetor -- 2 barrel carburator with the air intake at 90 degrees to the throttle body.  Far as I know, this design was only used on Mercurys during these 3 years.  Has been sitting on shelf in dry storage for 20+ years.  Moving parts in carburetor may be stuck (I will check when I take photos) but appears to be complete so is good candidate for rebuild.  Also have Air Cleaner in separate ad.  $125.00 plus shipping.

1949-1951 Mercury Air Cleaner -- Appears to be complete.  Just clean it up, install and fill with oil.  Been sitting on shelf in dry storage for 20+ years.  $50.00 plus shipping.

MG Midget Seats, Black Vinyl, 1975? -- These seats came from an MG Midget (probably will fit AH Sprite too). My 1975 MG Midget has seats with same upholstery pattern. The black, vinyl upholstery looks original and has no big damage but the are dirty from sitting in storage and have some small holes in the back. Also the photos show creases were other things sat on the seats but these should disappear in time. The headrests have chrome shafts and come off easy. The backs both adjust, as they should with the side levers. The bottom part of the seat adjustment that bolts to the car are not included, as the photos show.

$200 plus shipping.


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