1959 Austin Healy "Sprite" - For Sale ((SOLD!!))

Cute 1959 Austin Healy "Sprite" with original "Bugeye" front end. 

These cars are going up in value every day.  The totally restored ones are already bringing over $20,000!  This one is NOT restored but it is in very good original condition.  It has some dings and discoloration in the paint but it has been driven now for almost 50 years.  We have priced at about the midrange!  Also, we just spent over $5000 getting everything checked, refurbished and in many cases new parts so that the engine runs good, the trans shifts nice, the brakes and clutch work good and the lights all work good.  Plus we had new tires installed in 2009.  This little 948cc engine has good compression and gives the car good performance.

AH Sprite was the $2000 sports car in 1958, when it was introduced.  I had a used 1960 Bugeye in 1961 when I was in college.  And this one was my daughters "college car".  It has the original green paint (though we bought it used, so it may have been repainted, but it does not look like it).  It has the original tan vinyl interior and tan carpet.  The top is like new, we replaced it when she was driving the car.  I just bought a set of sidecurtains, so now we have one for the drivers door and 2 for the passenger door.

In some of the photos below, the car is still in my trailer having just been picked up from University Motors in Ada, MI where John Twist and his crew worked on the car for several weeks, changing all the fluids, getting the hydraulics and electrical in good working order and tuning the engine.  I am very pleased with the work that they did and you will be too.  This car had been sitting in a heated garage since 1986 when my daughter quit driving it.

The hood opens from the front, just as they did originally.  The latch is missing and so is the hood support so we keep a stick in the back to prop it up when we need to work under it.  The engine comparment is clean and a many new parts were added  when University Motors did their work on the car.  

The interior is clean and original also.  We had University Motors install seat belts as they were not required originally.  We think the speedometer reading is pretty accurate at 11,000+ miles.

All of the lights work.  There is a spare tire and wheel plus a jack and a wheel wrench.  We recently picked up a used red tonneau cover and it will go with the car.  Notice that it has a Nardi Wood steering wheel.  This was added later but they are pricey.  I have replaced the MG shift knob with the wooden Austin Healey Sprite knob...I finally found it.

We have an historic plate on the car and we drive it about once a week.  The whitewall tires are new Firestone tires that were installed in 2009, so it rides on 4 brand new tires!

I have a totally enclosed Wells Cargo trailer and for the above price, I will deliver the car free within 200 miles of my house.  If you are interested in this car, call me on my cell phone, Jack Watson, 517.206,3206 or email jack@hi-tork.com. 

I like these little sports cars and also have a 1970 MG Midget and a 1975 MG Midget which are both the same as this car basically but with different sheet metal.  All are licensed and run good.  I don't have time to give them the driving they deserve....plus I  have a 1929 Model A and a 1957 Cadillac that also need to be driven from time to time....help me out here...buy one of them!

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