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If you want a car that will likely go "up" in value instead of down, look at these collector cars!  I have had most of them 30 years and they are all "rust free" or have very little rust.  If you live in Europe, with the strong Euro vs the US Dollar, these cars are REALLY a bargain!
                         1957 Cadillac 4door Hardtop

These cars are "For Sale":   Look them over, come see them, make an offer...     

  • '29 Ford Pickup, Model A $10,900 [click here for more details]
  • '57 Cadillac $29,500 [click here for more details]
  • '70 MG Midget $10,900 [click here for more details]
  • '75 MG Midget w/Bugeye frontend $7,500 [click here for more details]

1929 Ford Pickup                                                    

                 1970 MG Midget                        1975 MG Midget w/Bugeye front end


If you always wanted a car to play with that will probably (most likely) "Go UP in Value!", then what are you waiting for....?? 
If you are interested in anything above, contact me, Jack Watson at 517.206.3206 (cell) or email me

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