1957 Cadillac $29,900 with new instrument panel

57 Cad R side 2010

I bought this car in Texas about 1976.  At that time it had 40,000 miles and got 15 mpg all the way to Michigan! 
Since then I have had a stainless steel exhaust system installed with glass packed mufflers.  With the "X" frame under there, this was a real job to install.
The chrome wire wheels are Vogue Cadillac wheels and the tires are Goodyear Eagle RWL 60 series.  I still have the original wheels with the wide whitewalls and the original hubcaps and when someone buys the car, they get this set too.
The car was totally repainted with the trim off about 10 years ago.  At the same time we installed new rear bumper ends and had the center section rechromed (exhaust goes through the bumper ends and rusts them out eventually).
2003 we installed the seats from a 2001 Cadillac DeVille front & rear with the console.  This not only gave me 8 way electric controls in the front but modern seat belts and cupholders front and rear.  Black leather smells good too.  A fine upholstery shop finished the dash, door panels and trunk to match.  I already had a black perforated headliner.



2006 the 300HP, 365 cu.in. V8 engine was totally rebuilt.
Transmission is original 4 speed automatic and it has been serviced and adjusted regularly.
2007 Brakes and exhaust manifolds were replaced.
2010 Installed new Instrument Panel with 7 gauges.  VDO Vision Chrome with electronic speedo, tach, volts, gas, oil pressure, water temp and vaccum.  The black panel has turn signal lights and bright light indicators.
Also, installed "Tribar Halogen headlights with builtin turn signals



 New VDO gauges  Tribar Halogen Headlights

Chrome on rear of fenders is pitted and needs to be removed and rechromed.  Radio and Heater need work too.  This is a Factory Air Conditioned car (rare in 1957) and still has everything connected.  I have had it blowing cold air a couple of times over the years when I take it to Cadillac dealer and have him service the AC.

1957 Cadillac Front 0704
1957 Cadillac looks great from the front...
1957 Cadillac RF 0704
1957 Cadillac weight is 5600 lbs but rides very smooth.

1957 Cadillac LF 0704
Vogue Cadillac Wire Wheels with Goodyear Eagle RWL 60 series tires.
1957 Cadillac LR 0704
New rear bumper ends and center section were installed about 10 years ago.

Chrome bezel w/o panel
This is the original 1957 Instrument panel with speedometer, gas gauge, water temperture and everything else is indicator lights.   We bought another Chrome 1957 bezel and cut the center out so that we could mount the black panel inside of it later.

2010 VDO Vision Chrome Instruments with VDO wiring harness, mounted in black panel that has turn signals and bright light indicator. 
Left to right the 7 instruments are Voltmeter, Water Temperature, Speedometer, Vaccum, Tachometer, Oil Pressure and Fuel.  Turnsignals are on both sides of Vaccum and Bright Lights is under it.

The backseat is comfortable and has plenty of legroom.  There are cupholders in the center console that is folded out of the backrest for the center seat.
Cadillac for sale
Photo taken about 10 years ago of 1957 Cadillac...

If you want a nice ride in a real classic...contact me and make a cash offer.  I have too many toys.


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